Leasehopper Oilfield Services Ltd.

Specializing in Nitrogen Purging and Internal Pipe-cutting.

Pigging of lines - Purging treaters/tanks/compressors
- Drying/desiccating pipelines and headers
- Riser cutting/removal

Leasehopper Oilfield Services Ltd.

Customized Service and Maintenance in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Oilfield maintenance services are essential for keeping pump jacks and oil and gas infrastructures operating efficiently. Leashopper Oilfield Services Ltd. utilizes decades of experience and specialized custom equipment that has been designed and developed by us to meet the needs of our customers. That’s what makes Leasehopper Oilfield Services different from the other service providers and it’s how we streamline the production lines of our customers with cost-effective solutions to regulatory requirements as well as operational deficiencies.

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We Specialize in Providing Cost Effective Solutions


Our machine with a crew of one and a small footprint has proven more mobile and far-less-expensive than our nearest competitors.


To add to our specialty services, we developed an internal cold cutter for cutting pipeline risers. This tool saves our customers money.


We provide this service at substantial cost savings. We pull piles up to 7 inches allowing our customers to save on the costs of hiring a large company at high prices.


Our 7M3 open-topped tank is designed to handle high gas flows, complete with high-pressure fittings, fits the bill for economizing the operation.

Serving the Canadian Oilfield with Onsite Nitrogen Generation

Leasehoppers Oilfield Services Ltd. nitrogen unit provides economical purging and pigging for pipelines. It is very cost effective for purging treaters, vessels, exchangers, dehys, condensers and ancillary equipment in oilfield production facilities.

Additionally, the unit’s small footprint allows us to get into those well sites that are smaller and softer. Our truck-trailer combination is not affected by “road bans” at breakup, does not damage thin pavements, and can get into those tight locations that are difficult for larger heavier units.

Professional Service

Our maintenance teams are constantly innovating to provide unique and effective solutions for the energy industry to ensure the steady flow of oil and natural gas that serves just about every corner of our economy.

With a combined 68 years of industry knowledge and experience, which has included SECOR, COMPLYWORKS, and WCB certifications, we have built a solid foundation of trust with our customers. Our positive customer reviews and industry safety awards are a testament to that and to the exceptional standards we offer in the field.

Keeping the oil fields pumping is what we do and that’s a 24/7/365 job.
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